2008 Northeast Bird Monitoring and Conservation Workshop

The 2008 Northeast Bird Monitoring and Conservation Workshop was held from September 23-25 at the Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May in Cape May, New Jersey.  The meeting's sponsors included: the Northeast Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership, Northeast Partners In Flight, New Jersey Audubon Society, and Audubon’s Important Bird Areas Program. 

Workshop Goals

1. Highlight and build upon recent improvements in northeastern bird monitoring

2. Introduce the Avian Knowledge Network’s Northeast Node and gather input for its future development

3. Develop processes and information to support implementation of conservation design in the Northeast

4. Demonstrate how bird monitoring data are being incorporated into the management and conservation of New Jersey birds and their habitats.

5. Discuss how Important Bird Areas can address these and related bird conservation needs




Introducing the Northeast Avian Data Center - Marshall Iliff

State Bird Monitoring Needs - Gwen Brewer

The Northeast Bird Monitoring Handbook – Dan Lambert

NECBM Answering Management and Conservation Questions - Dan Lambert

Northeast Working Group Plenary - Randy Dettmers

Conservation Design for Sustainable Avian Populations in the Eastern United States - Tim Jones


Notes from Plenary Discussions at 2008 Workshop

Minutes from Northeast Partners In Flight Meeting

Minutes from BCR 30 Tidal Marshbird Working Group Meeting

Minutes from NECBM Colonial Waterbird Working Group Meeting

Minutes from Northeast Nightjar Working Group Meeting