2007 Workshop Presentations

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Presentations given at the 2007 Northeast Coordinated Bird Monitoring Workshop

Paul Schmidt
Opportunities for Improving Avian Monitoring
Dan Lambert
A Framework for Coordinated Bird Monitoring in the Northeast
Jason Riddle
Sources of measurement error, misclassification error, and bias in auditory point count data
Dan Brauning
Choosing appropriate survey methods
Greg Shriver
A sampling frame for monitoring tidal marsh birds in Bird Conservation Region 30
Julie Ellis
SEANET: monitoring threats to marine birds
Doug Forsell
Counting birds at sea and along coasts: How it is done and when does it become monitoring?
Mark Wimer
Using the Bird Point Count Database to coordinate avian monitoring projects
Ken Rosenberg
Advances in acoustic monitoring
Sharon Petzinger
State-level coordination for all-bird monitoring
Regional Updates
Update on regional monitoring initiatives
Rua Mordecai
Applying contemporary design principles to a citizen science survey: case study of the eastern Painted Bunting survey