2007 Workshop

The 2007 Northeast Coordinated Bird Monitoring Workshop was held October 3-5 at the National Wildlife Visitor Center, Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, MD.  (Agenda)

The goals of the workshop were to:

1)   Introduce A Framework for Coordinated Bird Monitoring in the Northeast

2)       Provide a forum for biologists and biometricians to apply framework principles, tools, and procedures toward the development of regionally coordinated survey designs

3)       Exchange information on efforts to improve bird monitoring, with a focus on innovative solutions to characteristic problems

4)       Develop a unified approach to optimizing the contributions of volunteer observers

Over 90 bird monitoring professionals attended a series of plenary presentations and participated in breakout discussions aimed at developing regionally coordinated monitoring strategies for a variety of bird groups.  Click on the following links to download notes from these meetings.

Birds at sea and in coastal waters

Colonial waterbirds and beach-nesting shorebirds

Forest birds

Grassland birds

Marsh birds

Migrating landbirds

Night birds

Scrub-shrub birds


Urban aerial insectivores

The workshop concluded with a Citizen Science Forum, featuring three panel discussions on how to optimize the contribution of volunteer observers in northeastern bird monitoring.  

Contact the coordinator for more information on the workshop proceedings.