2006 Workshop

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Written proceedings and presentations given by speakers at the 2006 Northeast Coordinated Bird Monitoring Workshop

Written proceedings
Written proceedings of the 2006 Northeast Coordinated Bird Monitoring Workshop
Ken Rosenberg
Northeast Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership: background, context, and overall goals
Dan Lambert
2006 Northeast Coordinated Bird Monitoring Workshop: Building a partnership to monitor and conserve birds
Steve Kelling
Avian Knowledge Network: Organizing the rich data resources of the bird-monitoring community
Chris Wood
eBird as monitoring tool
Daniel Fink
Avian Knowledge Network: Exploratory tools for bird monitoring data
Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza
The Raptor Population Index Project as a model for coordinated bird monitoring
Keith Pardieck
Future Directions of the North American Breeding Bird Survey: 2006-2010 Strategic Plan
Hal Laskowski
Coordinated Bird Monitoring and Adaptive Management Needs at National Wildlife Refuges in the Northeast
Brown and Schmidt
PRISM: Efforts to improve shorebird monitoring in the Northeast
John Sauer
Designing Surveys For Birds: A few issues to consider regarding sample frames, detectability estimation, and analysis
Larissa Bailey
Site Occupancy as a Useful Parameter in Monitoring Programs