Mountain Birds

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Progress reports and meeting notes for the Mountain Birds Working Group

January 2007 mountain bird meeting notes
January 2007 mountain bird worksheet
November 2007 mountain bird meeting notes
December 2007 mountain bird conference call notes
Draft mountain bird survey design and standard operating procedures
January 2008 mountain bird conference call notes
January 2008 mountain bird protocol conference call notes
Validating trail-based point counts - report by Deluca and King
Statistical issues in the analysis of bird trends
A 2007 grant report to American Bird Conservancy providing an assessment of bird trend analysis options, including special consideration for monitoring high-elevation birds in the Northeast
September 2008 notes from a meeting of the Mountain Bird Working Group
Notes on Mountain Birdwatch protocol development from the September 2008 meeting of the Northeast Coordinated Bird Monitoring Mountain Bird Working Group at the International Bicknell's Thrush Conservation Group meeting