green heron 3

A Framework for Coordinated Bird Monitoring in the Northeast       (PDF - 0.5 MB) presents goals and strategies to strengthen the scientific basis for bird conservation through improvements in the effectiveness, scope, utility, and efficiency of northeastern bird monitoring.   

Regionally coordinated monitoring plans (MS Word - 0.7 MB) are currently in development for a variety of bird groups.  Once completed, each will contain justification for monitoring target populations, definition of conservation and monitoring objectives, a detailed survey design, and standard operating procedures for data collection, management, analysis, and reporting.

Detailed protocols and standard operating procedures have been drafted or completed for several bird groups in order to guide implementation of regionally coordinated monitoring plans.

Working group progress reports and meeting notes contain information about the status of framework implementation efforts. 

The Register of Northeast Bird Monitoring Programs (MS Excel - 0.8 MB) is a supplement to the framework, cataloguing over 450 bird monitoring initiatives in US Fish and Wildlife Service Region 5.  This useful coordination tool represents a first step toward documenting monitoring programs for the Natural Resources Monitoring Partnership's Protocol Library and Monitoring Locator. 

Key elements of the framework were developed at the 2006 workshop (Proceedings, PDF - 1 MB). 

Photo: Green Heron by USFWS